Fishing Shrimp and Cress Bugs for Trout

Fly Fishing Shrimp and Cress Bugs for TroutCress Bugs, Shrimp, Trout Fly Fishing

Listen to Harry’s discussion on Fishing Shrimp and Cress Bugs for Trout – These insects are available to trout on many streams but this podcast focuses on Spring Creek fly fishing.  The Spring Creeks, with their high PH and consistent temperatures, are an ideal environment for the production of abundant numbers of both freshwater shrimp and cress bugs.  The selective feeding habits unique to spring creek trout is a direct result of the abundance of food availability throughout the year.  Much of this food is in the form of shrimp and cress bugs.  Listen as Harry discusses the techniques and tactics to turn a tough day of spring creek fishing into an outstanding day by using a few simple methods he has honed to perfection since the early 1960’s.

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